20 freebies that you can get online

Companies give out free samples of their products every day. Here is a list of 20 freebies that you can get online. All you have to do is go to the company’s website and request for them to be delivered to you.

  1. Free Tea Bags from TeaMonger
    TeaMonger is giving out free tea bags and you get to choose from a large variety! They have got Black, Green, Herbal, Mate and Rooibos Tea. You can select upto three tea bags to be delivered to you.
  2. Free Cooling Body Cloths
    Ban is giving out free samples of their product “Total Refresh” which is a cooling body cloth. Each sample has 10 cloths in it and brings instant freshness anytime, anywhere. Visit them at FeelBanFresh.com
  3. Free Lens Cleaning Solution from Bausch and Lomb
    You might be eligible to receive free sample of BioTrue which is a multipurpose solution for for contact lens wearers. BioTrue aims to make it easy wearing lenses on your eyes.
  4. Free Quest Nutrition Bar
    Quest Nutrition is giving out free samples of their low carb gluten free protein bars. To participate, hit the facebook like button of their page and submit your details.
  5. Free MuscleTech product samples
    MuscleTech.com is giving out free samples through its website. You can request samples of NeuroCore, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, Anabolic Halo, Nano Vapor, Nitro-Tech and Cell-Tech. This offer is available only to US residents who are atleast 18 years old.
  6. Free Vaginal Contraceptive Film
    Request a VCF for Vaginal Contraceptive Film sample. You will receive the coupon in a discreet envelope. This offer is also available to Canadian Residents.
  7. Free Truvia Natural Sweetener
    Submit your contact information to receive free sample samples of Truvia natural sweetener. They will also send you a coupon that you can use your next purchase.
  8. Free Finish Dishwashing Sample
    Finish gives out free samples of their dishwashing products then and now. One time I ordered and got a whole pack!!
  9. Free Roll of Scott Toilet Paper
    Scott is giving out free toilet paper roll to anyone while supplies last. Delivery takes about four-six weeks. If it says that the samples are out of stock, try visiting the website again next week.
  10. Free Astroglide Lubricant
    Astroglide is giving out free Quantcast personal lubricant samples. Recipients must be atleast 18 years of age to receive sample. The offer website says that you need to verify your email address so do not enter a fake email address otherwise you won’t be able to verify your email and receive the samples!
  11. Free Samples from P&G
    P&G is giving out free samples of their products. All you have to do is signup on the P&G brand sampler website and order the samples. It usually takes three-four weeks for the sample to be delivered at your door. I was able to get samples of their shampoo, conditioner and dishwashing products.
  12. Free Lifestyle SKYN condom sample
    To avail this offer, you need to like LifeStyleCondoms facebook page. You do not need to opt in to receive their promotional emails to receive the free condom sample.
  13. Free Emergen C vitamin drink
    Emergen-C is giving out free samples of their Emergen C drink. Offer is available only to US residents and if you are a healthcare professional then you are not eligible to request for samples.
  14. Free Tampons, Maxi Pads by Kotex
    Kotex is giving out free samples of their Tampons. Each sample order includes 2 regular tampons, 2 super tampons, 2 liners and coupons. You can also order samples of Maxi Pads and CleanWear Pads. This offer is also available to Canadian residents. You need to be 13 years or older to receive samples.
  15. Free Nasal Strips from Breathe Right
    Breathe Right is giving free Nasal Strips. All you need to do is register for the free sample through their website. You need to be a US resident and atleast 18 years old to receive this sample.
  16. Free Everwhite Dry Surface
    Receive a free sample of the EverWhite dry erase surface. This offer is available only to institutions or schools.
  17. Free BBQ Rub
    JB’s Fatboy is giving free bbq rub samples. Choose from sweet or premium all purpose bbq rub. They are giving out only one sample per household so do not try to request the sample again if you have ordered once already.
  18. Free Haircare samples from L’Oreal Paris
    L’Oreal Paris is giving out free samples of their advanced haircare products. Simply fill out the form and your samples will be on their way!
  19. Free Nivea Samples
    Nivea is giving out free samples. All you have to do is go to their Facebook page and hit that like button.
  20. Free Perfume Samples from Escada
    Escada is giving out free samples of Especially Escada Elixir and Born in Paradise Fragnance. Residents from countries other than United States of America might be eligible to receive free samples. Check the Escada website for more information.

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